ARP High Quality Guttering & Rainwater Systems

ARP High Quality Guttering & Rainwater Systems

Wythall Roofing are Midlands-based suppliers and stockists of ARP metal rainwater and roofline products, including gutters, downpipes, hopper heads, and aluminium fabrications. The ARP guttering and rainwater system ranges include Colonnade, Sentinel, Legacy, Legion, Trueline, Britannia, and Exitus.

ARP Roofling Products:

  • Aluminium Rainwater Pipes
  • Extruded Aluminium Gutters
  • Cast Iron Gutters
  • Pressed Aluminium Box Gutters
  • Aluminium Fascia, Wall Copings, Cill Trims and Bespoke Pressings
  • Rainwater Pipe Systems
  • Roof and Balcony Outlets

Legion Pressed Aluminium Gutters

ARP Legion guttering is ideal for contemporary designs for the self-build industry, as well as industrial and commercial projects.

  • Legion Pressed Aluminium Joggle Joint Box Gutters
  • Legion Pressed Aluminium Box Gutter with Apron
  • Legion Pressed Aluminium Box Gutter Simple Ogee
  • Legion Pressed Aluminium Box Gutter Bespoke Profiles

Legacy Cast Aluminium Gutters

Legacy Cast Aluminium Gutters

ARP Cast aluminium gutters have become the widely accepted alternative to cast iron and are now the first choice for roofing contractors, owing to their lightweight, corrosion resistant, low maintenance and aesthetically pleasing characteristics.

  • Legacy Plain Half Round Gutters
  • Legacy Beaded Half Round Gutters
  • Legacy Deep Flow Half Round Gutters
  • Legacy Moulded No.46 Ogee Gutters
  • Legacy Victorian Ogee Gutters

Sentinel Extruded Aluminium Gutters

ARP Sentinel guttering comes in both traditional and modern profiles. We supply the entire range of ARP Sentinel aluminium guttering including:

  • Sentinel Beaded Half Round Fit Gutters
  • Sentinel Deepflow Half Round Gutters
  • Sentinel Extended Modern Ogee Gutters
  • Sentinel Vintage Ogee Snap-Fit Gutters

To find out more about ARP Rainwater Guttering Systems and to check availability please contact the Wythall Roofing Centre.

ARP Guttering Midlands

Colonnade Aluminium Rainwater Pipes

Available in swaged, flush joint and traditional cast collared – ARP have a rainwater pipe to suit every project!

  • Cast Aluminium Hopper Heads
  • Pressed Aluminium Hopper Heads
  • Aluminium Hopper Motifs
  • Cast Circular Rainwater Pipes
  • Swaged Circular Rainwater Pipes
  • Flush Joint Circular Rainwater Pipes
  • Cast Collar Square and Rectangular Rainwater Pipes
  • Flush Joint Square and Rectangular Rainwater Pipes
  • Swaged Square and Rectangular Rainwater Pipes
  • Security Square Rainwater Pipes