Etex Fibre Cement Slates

The Wythall Roofing Centre are suppliers and stockists of Etex / Cedral Fibre Cement Roof Slates across the Solihull, Midlands and Birmingham area. Formerly under the brand name of Eternit, these fibre cement slates offer beautiful, durable, high-performance solutions to protect homes from even the harshest weather conditions.
Etex Fibre Cement SlatesKey features

  • A+ Green guide rating
  • Can achieve a BES 6001 ‘Very Good’ rating
  • Can be used for both roof and facade
  • Fibre cement is a recyclable building material
  • Low maintenance
  • Low carbon footprint of 16 CO2e/m2

Etex slates come in a range of beautiful colours and shapes, and can be installed in many different ways, meaning you can design your roof to fit in, or stand out. These slates are easy to work with and can be placed on lighter roof structures without the need to strengthen them – making them an ideal option for roof renovation projects.

Wythall Roofing Centre stock and supply the complete range of Etex / Cedral Fibre Cement Roof Slates to roofing companies and builders across the West Midlands area.

Rivendale Fibre Cement Slates

Rivendale Fibre Cememt SlatesRivendale slates are designed to reflect the qualities of natural slate. Available in Blue-Black or Cromleigh Graphite, Rivendale slates have a beautifully textured surface and dressed edges, combining the benefit of modern slate technology with the look of a natural slate. With more cement and fibres these slates are the strongest slates in the market, tough enough to withstand the most volatile weather conditions.

Birkdale Fibre Cement Slates

Birkdale Fibre Cement SlatesBirkdale slate has a smooth surface and dressed edges. It offers a traditional and pleasing look of a natural slate at an affordable price, using nail and rivet fixing. Birkdale is available in a Blue Black colour. The edge finish and design flexibility means it is ideal as both a roofing and cladding solution.

Thrutone Smooth Fibre Cement Slates

Thrutone Smooth Fibre Cement SlatesThrutone Smooth are a low-profile fibre cement roof slate that features a smooth surface and square cut edges for a sleek, aesthetically pleasing finish. They are particularly suitable to complex roof geometries. They are one of the strongest slates on the market and are popular with architects and roofers. Available in six colours and three shapes, Thrutone slates provide complete design flexibility.

Thrutone Textured Cement Roof Slates

Thrutone Textured Cement Roof SlatesThrutone Textured slates have an attractive textured surface with square edges which enhances the overall aesthetic quality of your roof and home. Etex slates are the strongest slates in the market, tough enough to withstand the most volatile weather conditions. Thrutone Textured slates offer the low-profile slate look at a truly economical price. With its low wastage and ease of installation, it’s easy to see why it is the product of choice for all types of new build and refurbishment projects.