Hambleside Danelaw Pitched Roofing

Danelaw Pitched Roofing products include Ridge and Hip Systems, Bonding Gutters and Roofing Underlays.

The product range caters to all your pitched roof needs and they have extensive experience in glass-reinforced polyester (GRP) and polycarbonate. This makes their products long-lasting, cost-efficient and easy to install.

Danelaw pitched roof products include:

  • GRP Valley Troughs
  • Ridge and Hip, Verge
  • Roofing Ventilation
  • Roof Flashings
  • Roof Jointing
  • Roof Abutments
  • Vapour Permeable Tile and Slate Roofing Underlays
  • Tile and Slate Roofing Accessories

All Danelaw Systems are compliant with requirements specified in BS5534, BS5250 and BS8612
Hambeside Danelaw Pitched Roofing

Roof Ventiliation

Danelaw Roofing Ventilation products cover projects from new build developments to refurbishments, and for a wide range of tile type and construction details.

The range of Danelaw tile and slate vents provide ventilation into the roof void and there is also a range of eaves and soffit vents, CON6+ and CLAY6+: the ventilated dry fix ridge and hip systems.

To find out more about Danelaw Pitched Roofing products and to check availability please contact the Wythall Roofing Centre.

Ridge and Hip

Danelaw providing a range of dry ridge systems that can also be used for the hips.
Vapour Permeable Tile and Slate Roofing UnderlaysCurrent requirements are for mechanically fixed ridge and hip tiles are met with Dry Fix Ventilated Ridge systems, providing secure fixing as well as ventilation to the roof. The Danelaw® CON6+ dry ridge system can be used for the hips and ridges of the roof with a 15-year guarantee.

The CLAY6+ dry ridge and hip system has been designed to suit all commonly available clay and baby ridge tiles whilst the Hambleside Danelaw MONO6+ dry ridge system is compatible with most mono ridge tile profiles.
Over Batten Dry Fix Valley Trough

GRP Valley Troughs

Danelaw GRP Valley Troughs include both dry fix and traditional open valley troughs for a variety of tiles. All valley troughs are made from glass reinforced plastic rather than lead, with dry fix GRP valley troughs being mortar free.

Roof Flashings

The Danelaw range of durable roof flashing and soaker products will ensure your roof remains watertight. From Dry Fix Valley Troughs and traditional open valley troughs, dry fix bonding gutters through to individual soakers and Conti-Soakers all made from glass-reinforced polyester (GRP) making them superior to plastic alternatives and an ideal lead replacement solution.

Roof Abutments

Danelaw® flashings for abutments are designed to prevent rainwater from penetrating between the wall and the roof covering. Included in the Danelaw range are GRP Conti soakers for slates and tiles and individual soakers for use with the rigid universal abutment cover flashing or the versatile flexible fully adhesive-backed Fast Flash.
Vapour Permeable Tile and Slate Roofing Underlays

Vapour Permeable Tile and Slate Roofing Underlays

The Danelaw product range includes a selection of low-resistance tile and slate roofing underlays in 4 weights, with some also available with integral tape. Danelaw underlays are manufactured in 3 layers:

  • The top layer is UV-stabilised polypropylene to protect against the sun during installation and is usually the strongest of the layers.
  • The middle layer is a microporous film which is water-resistant and vapour permeable.
  • The bottom layer is also made from polypropylene but is thinner than the top layer due to not needing the UV protection.

These products are for use in cold and warm-pitched roof applications and are suitable for use draped and unsupported, or fully supported on sarking or insulation boards.

Tile and Slate Roofing Accessories

Danelaw offers a wide variety of roofing accessories for tile and slate roofs which are lightweight and easy to install. This product range includes roofing underlay support trays, continuous eaves course for slate roofs, hip tile support trays and damp proof course for sloping parapet walls.

The Wythall Roofing Centre are Midlands-based suppliers and stockists of Danelaw Pitched Roofing products. For more information please visit the Hambleside Danelaw’s website – www.hambleside-danelaw.co.uk