Manthorpe Building Products

We are Midlands based stockists and suppliers of Manthorpe Building Products. We stock a full range of tile and slate vents, dry verge and felt lap vents.

Manthorpe Tile Ventilator Range

We stock and supply the full Manthorpe tile ventilator range. Including:

  • Double Roman Vents
  • Non-Profile Vents
  • Double Pantile Vents
  • Thin Leading Edge Vents
  • Castellated Vents
  • Mini Castellated Vents
  • Single Pantile Vents
  • Plain Tile Vents
  • Granulated Plain Tile Vents

Manthorpe Tile Ventilator Range

Manthorpe tile ventilators are designed to provide roof space ventilation and ventilation ducting. The roof vent profiles are a universal design, compatible with the tile ranges from all major UK and Irish tile manufacturers.

Manthorpe Slate Ventilator Range

The Manthorpe range of slate roof ventilators are designed to provide roof ventilation and ventilation ducting through man-made and natural slate roof coverings. The range of slate vent styles are universal in design and are compatible with major UK and Irish slate makes.
Manthorpe Slate Ventilator Range
Our slate tile roof ventilation includes:

  • Hooded Standard Slate Vents
  • Hooded Random Slate Vents
  • In-Line Slate Vents
  • Small Format In-Line Slate Vents

We are suppliers of Manthorpe Slate and Tile Ventilators in the Midlands and Birmingham area.

Roof Ventilation Birmingham

We supply Manthorpe Felt Lap Vents, a refurbishment product designed to increase the amount of ventilation into existing loft and roof spaces.

Roof Ventilation Tiles

Why You Need Roof Ventilation

One of the major problems faced by roofing companies and builders is the build up of condensation in roof spaces. As people use more and more central heating, double glazing and insulation this can cause a difference in temperature between the inside space of the roof and the property and the colder air outside. Warm air, carrying high levels of water vapour, is drawn to colder areas of the building including the roof void. If there isn’r sufficient roof ventilation the water vapour condenses, leading it to rot roofing timbers, rust metal fittings, damage roof felts and mould growth.

To solve this potentially costly problem, Manthorpe manufactures a range of high quality roof ventilation products which are suitable for new build roofs and refurbishment roofing situations.

Wythall Roofing Centre stock Manthorpe tile and slate roof vents, dry verge and felt lap vents.