Metrotile Roofing Products

Metrotile Lightweight Roof Tiles weigh a fraction of the weight of equivalent traditional roofing materials whilst still offering superior protection and benefits.

The Wythall Roofing Centre stocks and supplies the full range of Metrotile roof tile products including:

  • Metrotile Bond
  • Metrotile Slate II
  • Metrotile Roman
  • Metrotile Shingle
  • Metrotile Slate 1.900
  • Metrotile Vixen

Metrotile Shingle Roof Tiles

Metrotile Shingle offers a versatile profile based on the classic timber shingle design.

Metrotile Shingle is a simple and elegant solution for any roofing project or installation. Metrotile Shingle is available in five colours, and can be fixed from vertical, down to a minimum pitch of 15°.

To find out more about Metrotile Lightweight roof tile systems and to check availability please contact the Wythall Roofing Centre.

Metrotile Suppliers Midlands

Metrotile Shingle Tiles are ideal for those looking for a simple and elegant roofing or cladding solution. Perfect for tiled conservatory roofs.
Metrotile Lightweight Roofing Range Midlands

Metrotile Lightweight Roofing Suppliers

Low Maintenance Metrotile Roof Tiles

The benefits of using Metrotile roof tiles include:

  • Metrotiles are up to 7 times lighter than regular roofing materials. This puts significantly less stress on supporting structures and foundations. Metrotile Roof Tiles are perfect for replacement conservatory roofs.
  • Every installation comes with a unique 40 year waterproof guarantee.
  • Each tile is 100% recyclable
  • Designed to withstand extreme weather conditions.
  • Virtually zero maintenance once installed.
  • All Metrotiles meet British and European Standards.

The Wythall Roofing Centre are Midlands based suppliers and stockists of Metrotile Roof Systems. For more information please visit their website