Polyglass Flat Roofing Systems

PolyGlass Waterproofing roofing products are used on roofs all over the country, as they offer protection, and a quality finish every time.

PolyGlass is a renowned manufacturer and supplier of flat roofing felts, synthetic membranes, and polymer-bitumen membranes, as well as ready-to-use, liquid polyurethane, and acrylic products.

Mapei and Polyglass have created numerous cutting-edge solutions for waterproofing roofs to meet contemporary design requirements.
Polyglass Flat Roofing Systems
Here at the Wythall Roofing Centre, we stock and are able to supply the complete range of Polygrass flat roofing and waterproofing systems.

Polyglass Waterproofing Products

Polyglass Flat Roof membranes, bitumen and Waterproofing Systems.

  • ALUSHIELD – is a prefabricated waterproof membrane faced with aluminium foil, which is embossed during the continuous calendering process.
  • ANTIRADICE – is a plastomeric waterproofing membrane with outstanding performance made of a distilled bitumen-based compound.
  • BITULIGHT – a prefabricated ELASTOMERIC-PLASTOMERIC membrane offering good performance, by virtue of a higher percentage of polymers.
  • ELASTOBOND – is a prefabricated ELASTOMERIC waterproofing membrane offering excellent performance.
  • ELASTOFLEX – a top-quality prefabricated SELF-ADHESIVE bitumen membrane.
  • ELASTOSHIELD – is an elastomeric waterproofing membrane with outstanding performance, made of a latest generation distilled bitumen.
  • ESTERFLEX – a high performance membrane modified with elastomeric bitumen offering low temperature flexibility.
  • EVOLIGHT – Extremely high-performance prefabricated waterproof plastomeric membranes
  • FLEXO – offers excellent performance and high flexibility.
  • INSULATION – A range of CFC free and HCFC free insulation boards and systems for the roofing industry.
  • MODIBOND – a prefabricated waterproof plastomeric membrane.
  • PLANA P – waterproofing roofing membrane.
  • POLYDREN – a non-woven polyester felt useful for creating draining systems, for producing roof gardens.
  • POLYFOND – a protection and drainage system made from high-density extruded polyethylene.
  • POLYPRIMER – is used as a primer for concrete surfaces.
  • POLYSHIELD – an extremely high-performance prefabricated waterproof plastomeric membrane.
  • POLYSTICK – a quality prefabricated SELF-ADHESIVE bitumen membrane.
  • POLYVAP RADONSHIELD – a prefabricated ELASTOMERIC-PLASTOMERIC (Plastomer-Polymer Bitumen)
  • POLYVENT – a membrane made of a compound based on bitumen modified with polypropylene.
  • RETROFIT – Overlay boards consisting of expanded perlite, binders and fibres.
  • SPIDER P SA – a top-quality prefabricated SELF-ADHESIVE bitumen membrane
    TREND – prefabricated waterproof plastomeric membranes

The Wythall Roofing Centre are suppliers and stockists of Polyglass flat roofing systems and roof waterproofing products across the Solihull, Midlands and Birmingham area.