Roofing Laths & Timbers

Wythall Roofing Centre have a wide range of roofing laths and timber products with just a small selection of those available featured on our website.

If you have a requirement for roof laths or timber products or indeed any roofing products please contact us.

At our Birmingham based Roofing Centre we have many top quality timber roofing products including roofing laths and timber from leading suppliers including John Brash and Latham Timber.

Roofing Laths and Timber


  • JB Red Roof Battens
  • OSB3 roofing boards
  • JB-Green & JBi Roof Battens
  • JB Specialty Roof Battens
  • Timber Carcassing
  • JB Shingles, JB ShingleFix
  • JB Shakes
  • Profiles
  • JB Fire Safe Scaffold Boards
  • SmartPly Roof
  • Hardboard
  • Treated & Untreated Softwood Battens
  • Treated Timber
  • Scandinavian Machines Softwood
  • CLS & TR26 Softwood