SSQ Exclusively Natural Slate

The Wythall Roofing Centre is a supplier and stockist of SSQ Exclusively Natural Slate covering Birmingham and the West Midlands area. The SSQ slate tiles we stock and supply includes:

  • Domiz T1 – 600 x 300mm Spanish Slates
  • Del Prado T1 – 500 x 250mm Spanish Slates
  • Riverstone Phyllite slates 500 x 250mm
  • Del-Carmen Ultra slates 500 x 250mm
  • Sarria S1 T1 – 500 x 250mm Spanish Slates

Domiz Natural Roof Slates

Domiz Natural Roof Slates

This natural slate has a rich blue-grey colour with a bold texture, giving a stunning finish to any roofing project. SSQ Domiz slate is a Spanish sourced slate, carved from the Cabrera mountains in north west Spain. Domiz is the perfect choice if you are looking for a slightly greyer finish to your roof. The rich blue-grey overtones, deep, bold texture, give you a stunning finish every time.

SSQ Del-Carmen Ultra Slates

From one of the finest quarries in the slate-producing region of North-West Spain, Del Carmen produces an outstanding slate which has a distinctive deep blue-black colour. SSQ are so confident in the quality and longevity of their Del Carmen roof slates, that they believe they will outlive the property its tiles are installed on. We are stockists of the SSQ Del Carmen Roof tile range including:

  • 500x250mm Del-Carmen Ultra slates

SSQ Roofing Slates

Del Prado Roof Slates

Del Prado natural slates are quarried and hand split exclusively for SSQ in North West Spain. This natural roof slate has an elegant blue-black colour and strong deep texture. If you’re looking for a stunning roof finish Del Prado is the perfect roof slate for you.

We are suppliers of SSQ natural roof slates in the Midlands and Birmingham area.
Del Prado Roof Slates

Riverstone Phyllite slate

Riverstone Phyllite Slates

Riverstone Phyllite roofing slates are the perfect choice for roofing contractors and developers looking for a roofing slate of exceptional quality and aesthetics. Riverstone Phyllite slate is described as ‘not your run-off-the-mill slates’. We are stockists and suppliers of Riverstone Phyllite natural roof slates.

  • 500x250mm Riverstone Phyllite slates
  • Riverstone Phyllite Ultra Grade slates

SSQ Sarria Slate

SSQ Sarria Natural Slates

If you are looking for unfading colour and a smooth, flat finish in your natural roof slates then Sarria is for you. Sarria slate from SSQ is mined from a quarry in the Orense region of north-west Spain. Sarria slate is a deep blue-black colour with a blue tinge in sunlight, and is speckled with mineral inclusions. The colour of this roof slate is totally natural and will not fade, even in the strongest sunlight or harshest weather conditions. The strength of the SSQ slate, combined with its exceptional flat shape and smooth finish makes this slate the roofing contractor’s choice.
Midlands based Wythall Roofing Centre are stockists and suppliers of SSQ Natural Roof Slates.